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Birth control is a powerful tool in a woman’s life, allowing her to control the timing of pregnancies, spacing between births, or to avoid pregnancy altogether. Victor Kissil, DO, of Deer Valley OB/GYN in Phoenix, offers comprehensive birth control services and helps you find the method that’s right for you. To explore available options, schedule a visit today. Online scheduling is fast and easy, or you’re always welcome to reach the office by phone to set up your visit.

Birth Control Q & A

What is birth control?

Birth control is any method of preventing unwanted pregnancy. There are many different options, which are classified into two distinct categories: hormonal and barrier.

Hormonal birth control options rely on hormonal supplementation to create an environment in which pregnancy is not supported. Most prevent your body from releasing an egg during your monthly cycle. Some decrease the chances of pregnancy by thickening your cervical mucus, which prevents sperm from reaching an egg.

Hormonal birth control options include:

  • Birth control pills
  • Patches
  • Vaginal rings
  • Injections
  • Implants
  • IUDs

Barrier methods work by placing a barrier between the sperm and egg, lowering the chances of fertilization. These methods are good choices for women who cannot tolerate hormonal manipulation, or who only occasionally need a birth control option.

Barrier birth control options include:

  • Condoms, male and female
  • Sponges
  • Cervical caps
  • Diaphragms

Barrier methods can be augmented with spermicides to further decrease the chances of pregnancy.

Is an IUD a good birth control option?

Many women love the freedom an intrauterine device, or IUD, offers. The device itself is small, flexible, and made of plastic. It’s inserted into your uterus during a brief procedure that is similar to a pelvic exam.

An IUD releases a slow and steady amount of hormones and is a very effective means of preventing pregnancy. An IUD lasts 3-5 years, depending on the type you select. Best of all, your fertility is not adversely affected. If you decide you want to become pregnant, you can have your IUD removed and begin trying to conceive almost immediately.

What are the benefits of birth control pills?

Birth control pills have been around for decades, and are the birth control method of choice for many women. Once you become accustomed to taking your birth control pill at the same time each day, it becomes a convenient and effective birth control method.

One benefit of birth control pills is the sheer volume of available options. There are many formulations to choose from, so if one type of pill creates undesirable side effects, Dr. Kissil can easily transition you to another type.

Many women on birth control pills experience lighter menstrual bleeding with fewer cramps. Some even report an improvement in acne over time.

To learn more about the full scope of available birth control options, schedule an appointment by phone or online to meet with Dr. Kissil and discuss your specific set of needs. Rest assured that there is a method that’s right for you, and that Dr. Kissil works with you to find the best fit.